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Health And Fitness Habits 'influence Health Over Next Two Decades'

People at a gym The first stage included environmental factors, such as socioeconomic status and migration background. The second stage consisted of personal factors, including social support, stress management strategies and the feeling of coherence. Behavioral factors, such as smoking, physical exercise and nutrition habits made up the third stage, while the fourth stage consisted of physical fitness and health. Health and fitness habits 'affect us 18 years later' From workout their analysis, the investigators found all factors in all four stages had both a direct and indirect impact on participants' physical fitness and health in 1992. Researchers found that current health and fitness habits may influence our overall health and fitness over the next 18 years. The areas that had the most influence included migration background, socioeconomic status, stress management strategies, expectations of exercise impact, and physical exercise and nutrition habits. However, the researchers found that nutrition and physical exercise habits reported at the baseline of the study affected the fitness of participants during the following 18 years later, up until 2010. The investigators say they also found that migration background and socioeconomic status indirectly influenced health habits click here. in the 18 years after study baseline.
More http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/272702.php

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