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Explore Your Options To Optimize Your Workout | Emerald Media

Hot yoga, barre3, and crossfit are some of todays hottest fitness trends. (Courtney King/Emerald). Renting the Max Workouts pdf same locker, using the same machine and listening to this one the same music can get boring pretty quickly, especially if you need a little extra motivation or help with your workout. However, there are several fitness fads students and local Eugenians are exploring to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eugene CrossFit is close to the UO campus, easily accessible to students and provides an intense workout that will push your body to the limit. For those unfamiliar with CrossFit, it is a highly intensified workout with constantly varying movements. Eugene CrossFit is a coaching center,Eugene CrossFit owner Jeremy Stecker said.Every time you come, there is a coach working with you and one to nine other people and it really makes a difference. We have great coaches so youre going to find youre going to get much fitter in much less time than anywhere else. While CrossFit can be expensive, Eugene CrossFit offers a15 percentstudent discount. Stecker assures people that it is well worth the money.
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