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Workout To Do With A Chair

Keep your butt close to chair and lower yourself down to 90 degrees and back up. Push-Up: Begin in plank position with the hands resting on each side of the chair. Lower your chest to the chair and then return back to plank position. Crunch: Lie down with check this out your back on the ground and rest your feet on the chair at a 90-degree angle. Place hands behind your neck; bring your chest toward your knees and lift your shoulder blades off the ground, but be sure not site internet to pull on your neck. Chair Jumps: Stand in front of the chair, bending forward so your hands are on either side of the chair. Use the chair for balance as you hop side to side higher you go the more plyo the move. Optional Over-Under Tap: From a plank position, reach your right hand under your body to meet your left foot coming forward.
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